Game of Life

From the graduates yearbook (2015):

GETTING STARTED On your first turn, decide either to start a career, or to start college. College offers more career and salary options, but it takes time, and it puts you in debt!

START COLLEGE Borrow €40,000 from the bank for tuition (see BANK LOANS). Now spin and move as you would on a regular turn.

JOB SEARCH: draw three cards at random. Look at the cards, choose any one card, then return the other two cards to the deck.

SALARY Now choose your Salary Card the same way

JOB SEARCH, GET MARRIED and BUY A HOUSE.Follow the directions, then spin and move again.

BABIES Whenever you land on a Baby Boy or Baby Girl, add 1 people peg to your car. If you land on a Twins, add 2 people pegs to your car.

Dear boys and girls. You are now at the start of your own game of life. Be aware that, in reality, the rules of life are not that simple. There is no ready-made manual for it. To succeed, you will have to create your own game rules. Do that with care and integrity. And enjoy your ride.

Have a great life! Your (ex-)tutor

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